Three great finds in Portland, Maine

PORTLAND, Maine — A friend of mine from Washington, DC was driving to Maine for her best friend’s wedding. En route, she called the bride-to-be to remind her to gather “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue,” as the saying goes. “Yikes!” the bride exclaimed.

She had items that qualified as new, borrowed, and blue, but nothing old. She implored my friend to bring something old. The tricky part, though, was that she was driving through an unfamiliar area, with only 20 minutes to spare. It seemed an impossible task.

And then a Eureka moment:Redirecting the GPS, she sped to the Portland Flea-for-All and, directly inside the entrance, saw a vendor selling vintage charms and knickknacks. She struck gold! Within minutes, she found a coin with a symbol that represented happiness and small enough to be tucked in a bridal outfit.

Directly next door to the Flea-for-All is another great find: Portland Architectural Salvage. Spread across the building’s four floors, architectural antiques and decorative accessories are remarkably well organized. High ceilings and well-worn wooden floors accommodate large salvage items. The selection is substantial.

I asked a man with a bundle of vinyl records for a recommendation nearby where I could grab a bite and then return for more shopping. He pointed across the street and suggested Bayside Bowl. A bowling alley? Really? Hard to imagine a bowling alley serving decent food. From the outside it didn’t look all that enticing, but once inside it far exceeded expectations.

Next time you’re in Portland, Maine, check out this neighborhood in Portland which is dense with great finds whether you’re looking for something new, old, borrowed, blue, or brewed!

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Photo courtesy of Portland Flea for All

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