Poland Spring expands rail initiative at Waterville facility

WATERVILLE, Maine — Poland Spring Water launched an initiative recently to expand the use of trains to transport its bottled water, marking the first such shipment at the Pan Am Railways yard in Waterville, Central Maine reported.

The company plans to move 4,000 containers a year by train, instead of by truck, to transport bottled water from Maine to markets in Massachusetts, and eventually may use rail to deliver its water to markets in New York and New Jersey.

On Friday, the company started using the intermodal facility in Waterville, which hasn’t been used in nearly two decades. Trucks will be hauling containers to the Waterville facility from the company’s bottling plant in Kingfield, about 45 miles away.

Using rail instead of trucks translates into a reduction of more than 500,000 road miles and lowers carbon emissions, according to a news release from the company.

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Photo courtesy of Poland Spring Water

Source: Central Maine

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