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Six Maine companies earn Governor’s Award for Business Excellence

AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage has honored six Maine companies with a 2015 Governor’s Award for Business Excellence. The 25th annual awards, administered by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development and sponsored by FairPoint Communications, recognize Maine businesses that are successful in a variety of ways and honor their outstanding commitment to their employees, their communities, and to overall business excellence.

“These businesses represent the best of the best here in Maine,” LePage said. “I am particularly pleased that each of these businesses has shown a commitment to investment, innovation, their communities, and to our great state. I thank each of them for doing business in Maine. My administration remains committed to creating the best business environment possible so all Maine people can prosper in an improving economy with more good-paying careers.”

This year’s Business Award recipients are:

Moose Alley /Inner Eye – Rangeley Moose Alley Operations has successfully repurposed two existing Rangeley business locations; one built in the 1980s and the second from the 1920s. Moose Alley, a state of the art bowling, gaming, restaurant and live entertainment venue is open 365 days a year, providing exceptional indoor recreation in Rangeley. The Inner Eye is a unique coffee; bakery; café; and gift shop which embrace the former Riddles Pharmacy as its theme, helping deliver a new vibrancy and a different kind of prescription for the soul in downtown Rangeley. Moose Alley and The Inner Eye are helping ensure that the Rangeley Region and Maine’s western lakes and mountains continue to be sought after as one of the best recreational retreats in the nation.

Horch Roofing – Warren Horch Roofing is a residential and commercial roofing company, located in Warren. Established in 2003, Horch Roofing has since grown to serve the Mid-Coast area from Belfast to Brunswick, completing 1,000 jobs annually with its dedicated team of 35 employees. In addition to focusing on quality products and services, Horch is also committed to the environment and community. Through its Reroof and Recycle program, Horch Roofing has recycled more than 5.6 million pounds of roofing waste material since 2010 – creating aggregate material that is reused to pave the driveways and roads at their location in Warren. Horch Roofing also donates its time and resources to many nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Coast, including Habitat for Humanity, United Mid-Coast Charities, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Lucas Tree Experts – Falmouth Lucas Tree Experts got its start in 1926, when a young man named John Lucas started the company in Portland with a truck, a ladder, some ropes, and a handsaw. Today, Lucas Tree Experts is a 3rd generation family-owned tree-care business with 552 employees stretching from Nova Scotia to South Carolina – operating year-round, around the clock, and in all weather. Employee safety and wellbeing are at the very core of Lucas. The company has developed a dynamic and responsive system of safety standards that are regionally and nationally recognized. Lucas is also committed to the community of our state. The company is a proud and loyal supporter of Special Olympics -Maine and many other charitable causes.

Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply – Rangeley Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply is a full service lumber yard located in Rangeley. Gary and Jackie Patnode found the small mountain town on a family vacation. They opened their business in 1983. Gary and Jackie were the first two on the payroll and today the business has grown to 20 full time and part time employees. A strong sense of community and caring is what attracted the Patnodes to Rangeley. Gary is extremely proud to say that in all their years of business, they have never laid anyone off. In 2006, the Patnode’s daughter Virginia and her husband Adam moved home to join the family business bringing the couples dream full circle. It is their sincere hope that the business will also pass to the third generation someday.

Apothecary by Design – Portland Apothecary by Design is a rapidly-growing, independent pharmacy with a high-touch service model and a mission of advocating for patients who have chronic, complex diseases. Headquartered in Portland, ABD does more than dispense medicine. ABD provides intensive case management services, patient education, nursing consultation and other clinical support for people throughout Maine and the country with life-changing conditions – such as HIV, hepatitis C, MS and infertility. As specialty medications often cost more than $3,000 per month, ABD staff also work on behalf of patients to optimize treatment at the lowest possible cost, putting them on a path toward better health. Founded in 2008, ABD has grown to now employ a staff of nearly 100. ABD was recently ranked No. 4 in Maine on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies.

Plum Creek – Maine Plum Creek entered Maine 17 years ago. As one of the largest private landowners in Maine, with approximately 861,000 acres of sustainably managed and certified forestland, Plum Creek is a significant supplier to the state’s largest industry, forest products. That industry contributes approximately $8 billion to the state’s economy each year and directly employs more than 17,000 Mainers. Plum Creek is being recognized today for its business leadership and commitment in a number of areas; as an employer, corporate citizen, conservation partner, large timberland owner, economic development partner, and recreational partner. Plum Creek has long conducted its business with a strong commitment to the industry, environment, conservation, wildlife, communities and states in which it operates, including the great state of Maine.

Source: Maine Department of Commerce

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