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Game on! Double Blue Sports Analytics growing in Orono

ORONO,  Maine — Orono-based ice hockey video analytics application developer Double Blue Sports Analytics has expanded its product line. In addition to its flagship video application for tracking goaltender performance, the company is now offering CampCast, which was designed to record, collect and share video of an entire hockey team.

Though CampCast was targeted toward ice hockey uses, Double Blue officials have found beta-testers are using it for other sports, as well as in dance studios, karate dojos, day care centers and more. While Double Blue officials think CampCast might be its most popular product yet, the company plans to keeps its focus on developing it for sports uses.

In addition to its product line expansion, Double Blue is also looking to fill development positions. To apply, send an email to info@doublebluesports.com.

Source: Portland Press Herald


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