Maine aviation startup Invisible Intelligence takes flight

While Silicon Valley may get much of the startup publicity, thanks to one Maine startup, the Pine Tree State is landing on the map at airports all across the country.

West Gardiner-based Invisible Intelligence LLC began marketing its patent-pending, low-cost General Audio Recording Device (GARD) software system last year. The company’s software is designed to record radio transmissions at small airports with a goal of allowing better tracking of airport traffic and reducing aviation accidents.

Established by Maine aviation veterans John Guimond and Ron Cote, Invisible Intelligence’s software is aimed at the 5,200 public, general aviation imports across the country who can’t afford full time air traffic controllers or sophisticated communications record keeping.

In addition to the company’s customers across the U.S., 10 Maine airports are already using the GARD system, and the Maine Department of Transportation has launched a program to cover half the cost of the system for any of the Pine Tree State’s 42 general aviation airports.

In addition, Invisible Intelligence will take advantage of a $25,000 grant from the Maine Institute of Technology to add more advanced voice recognition software and add sales and administrative personnel.


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